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Tzitzi Ya Ku. 4 TzitziYaKu&#39s Spawn Area 12345678 TzitziYaKu moves to these areas 7 If near death TzitziYaKu will rest in this area TzitziYaKu can only be found in the Coral Highlands It only becomes hostile if attacked or if alerted by fighting Break Head TzitziYaKu Photophore+Quests ★4 A Tzitzi for Science★5 Say CheeseLocale Coral HighlandsType Bird Wyvern.

Tzitzi Ya Ku Failing To Flash You With Its Broken Head Is So Sad Monsterhunterworld
Tzitzi Ya Ku Failing To Flash You With Its Broken Head Is So Sad Monsterhunterworld from

OverviewPhysiologyBehavior and AbilitiesTzitziYaKu are Bird Wyverns first introduced in Monster Hunter World They can be found in the Coral Highlands This odd monster blinds both prey and enemies with a special pulsing organ near its head It then uses its strong legs to deliver finishing blows Their materials can be used to craft raw/thunder weapons and the Tzitzi armor sets TzitziYaKu is a mediumsized Bird Wyvern of navy blue coloration It has long powerful back legs and muscular forelegs complete with three claws for grasping prey Perhaps its most unique feature is the pair of retractable frills that line either side of its head which are bright and vividly colorful in appearance Its back is lined with a row of short spines and it has wide sturdy feet TzitziYaKu is able to emit bright flashes of light from the fins on the sides of its head This can be used to disorient attackers and prey alike allowing the monster to gain the upper hand in combat Its powerful hind legs can be used to deliver potent kicks during battle Before TzitziYaKu uses its flash attack the range of the flash is briefly shown twice MasterRank TzitziYaKu can change direction as it prepares the flash TzitziYaKu&#39s head can be wounded this disables the flash Video Duration 2 min.

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TzitziYaKu is known as the “Dizzy Bird” In cutscenes of entering the Rotten Vale a TzitziYaKu&#39s corpse can be seen It is the only monster with an attack that guarantees a stun (discounting stun immunity) when it connects an unguarded target TzitziYaKu render.

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TzitziYaKu Claw is a Material type of Item in Monster Hunter World (MHW) These useful parts are gathered and collected by Hunters in order to improve their Equipment and performance out in the field TzitziYaKu material Mostly obtained by carving.

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TzitziYaKu Strategy TzitziYaKu’s attacks resemble something between the Great Jaggi of Monster Hunter past mixed with a flash attack of a Gypceros He’s very reminiscent of a raptor and Breaks and Severs HeadWeak Points HeadResistance (s) None.

Tzitzi Ya Ku Failing To Flash You With Its Broken Head Is So Sad Monsterhunterworld

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OverviewTaxonomyHistoryDisclaimer This is merely a plausible explanation for the monster(s) in this article and may or may not be considered canon to the series Order Saurischia Suborder Bird Feet Infraorder Runner Wyvern Family YaKu Genus Tzitzi Species TzitziYaKu Close Relatives KuluYaKu TzitziYaKu is a raptorial Bird Wyvern that was discovered in the New World Not much is known about TzitziYaKu&#39s discovery Video Duration 3 min.