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Tanjung Pura Pontianak. PTPlymilindo Perdana is a company has remain focused in its business viz the manufacture of hot melt glue veneer tapes wood putty carbon metal the supply of grinding wheels & plywood machinery spare parts Since the beginning of 2005 PT Plymilindo Perdana tried to Read More>> Solitex paint is our product to give your building colour.

International Conference On Biodiversity
International Conference On Biodiversity from International Conference on Biodiversity

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Jl Tanjung Pura No 300 Phone +62 561767778 Latest News Getting to Know the Traditional Houses of West Kalimantan Indonesia is a country of Bhinneka Tunggal Ika where there are many provinces inhabited by various ethnic groups Not only the culture and cuisine are different the traditional house designs of each province are also different.

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Pontianak or Khuntien is the capital of the Indonesian province of West Kalimantan founded first as a trading port on the island of Borneo occupying an area of 11831 km 2 in the delta of the Kapuas River at a point where it is joined by its major tributary the Landak River.

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Jl Tanjung Pura Road Pontianak Save Share Tips Photos 2 Jl Tanjung Pura Given the COVID19 pandemic call ahead to verify hours and.

International Conference On Biodiversity

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Ruko Tanjung Pura Pontianak Kalimantan Barat Luas Tanah 4m x 22m Luas Bangunan 38m x 18m x 3Lt Hostel Kapsul PDAM PLN 5500w Bak Air Tanam Rp 3350000000 2 KT 1 KM 36 m² 30+ hari yang lalu Jualocom Laporkan Lihat properti 2 Rumah Gang Landak Tanjung Pura Pontianak Benua Melayu Laut Pontianak Kalimantan Barat [Dijual Rumah ] Jl Tanjung Pura.