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Nanda Kore Wa. Contextual translation of “nanda kore wa” into English Human translations with examples korewa what is it? nandayo kore kore wa douo it is a book this is a pen.

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nanda kore nani korenanda kore wa what&#39s this (these are less polite expressions you should not use this to the people who you do not know very much or are superior to you).

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Japanese phrase written “なんだこれ” it’s an angry or shook “what’s this?”.

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Kore wa nanda? これはなんだ? これは何だ? What is this? (informal) 3 Conveying Emphasis or an Explanatory Tone – Spoken Form of “Na no da” Nanda (なんだ) can also be added at the end of a sentence to add emphasis or an explanatory tone.

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Definition of nanda kore Ok lang)|”What the hell is this?” “nanda kore” is not formal expression so you can&#39t use it in formal situations|Hmm i mean it&#39s not polite expression.

Nanda Kore Wa Macierewicz Meme Generator

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Answer (1 of 12) “Nanda kore wa” written “なんだこれは” means “what is this?” kind of in astonishment in a casual setting (eg among family or equal friends).