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Jesus Is My Role Model. And now my role model is Jesus I like Jesus whether or not it is proven he did or did not exist did or did not rise from the dead is or is not the Son of God was or was not born of immaculate conception did or did not die for my sins.

Teen Leader Follow Jesus As Role Model Essay Example 1724 Words Gradesfixer
Teen Leader Follow Jesus As Role Model Essay Example 1724 Words Gradesfixer from

PPT fileJesus is our role model our pattern And despite the tears and tatters of life when we follow Him we will be made perfect Jesus will help patch together the torn fabric of our lives and by following the Pattern we will be beautiful.

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That is what life mastery is all about Because Jesus is the perfect role model Jesus taught eternal truth that last forever He gave us principles to live by to master every area of our life to live this abundant life that He wants us to live by He is an incredible positive role model The Bible changes people’s lives It has changed mine.

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Jesus my Role Model 1 He obeyed his Father First of all Jesus choose to walk in obedience and God was pleased with him Matt 3 15 16 17 At the beginning of his ministry he went to Jonh to be baptized He did it as an act of obedience Do you do what your parents ask you do? Jonh want to change Jesus mind but he wants to obey his father.

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Well not just my perfect role model but the Perfect Role Model – Jesus Christ Jesus is the only perfect role model there is and ever will be He won’t disappoint you He is Perfect Brothers and Sisters as Christians we are called to be like Jesus Christ We are not called to be like other Christians nor are we called to be like anyone.

Teen Leader Follow Jesus As Role Model Essay Example 1724 Words Gradesfixer

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