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168 Genesis 24 1 4 Isaac And Rebekah On Vimeo
168 Genesis 24 1 4 Isaac And Rebekah On Vimeo from Vimeo

(Genesis 2414) Abraham is at an advanced age when we meet him in Genesis 24 he knows that the time of his departure is at hand and he knows he has one thing left to do provide for Isaac a godly wife So it is that he calls to him his most trusted household servant and makes him swear that he will seek the right kind of spouse for Isaac Abraham stipulates that she must not be.

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And Abraham was old take a wife—His anxiety to see his son married was natural to his position as a pastoral chief interested in preserving the honor of his tribe and still more as a patriarch who had regard to the divine promise of a numerous posterityAbraham’s age.

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Genesis 2414 (1) Now Abraham was old well advanced in age and the LORD had blessed Abraham in all things.

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This part is concluded by Genesis 14124 Genesis 14124 For all these chapters may be viewed as forming one main section of the life of Abram It is more particularly what pertains to him publicly consequently we have as the public character of Abram the separating call the promise secured himself constituted manifestly a pilgrim as well as a worshipper in the land It is all.

168 Genesis 24 1 4 Isaac And Rebekah On Vimeo

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