Four Basic Elements Of Curriculum

Four Basic Elements Of Curriculum. PDF fileimplementation of a plan for instruction Regardless of definition or approach curriculum can be organized into three major components objectives content or subject matter and learning experiences Think of objectives as a road map (“where” are we going) content as the “what” of curriculum and learning experiences as the “how”20131215.

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PDF fileactivities Thus there are four elements of curriculum which are essential and interrelated to each other 1) Curriculum Aims and Objectives 2) Curriculum Content or Subject Matter 3) Curriculum Experience 4) Curriculum Evaluation 1 Objectives 2 Content 4Evaluation 3 Experience Relationship between elements of curriculum 1).

Tyler’s Four Elements of Curriculum and Instruction

The Four Elements of Curriculum Every learning activity in a curriculum is composed of four elements content process product and learning environment Content The content of curriculum is the new knowledge skills behaviors and attitudes to be learned in the activity.


Ralph Tyler’s most useful works is Basic Principles of Curriculum and Instruction a course syllabus used by generations of college students as a basic reference for curriculum and instruction development that the structure of the school curriculum also had to be responsive to three central factors that represent the main elements of an.

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Four Major Elements of Curriculum 1 Aims goal and objectives Aims one sentence (more or less) description of overall purpose of curriculum including audience and the topic Goals and objectives learning outcomes expected from participation in the curriculum.

Study 1 Case Example Topics And Well Written Essays 1000 Words

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Types of Curriculum Operating in om Schools ec Allan Glatthorn (2000) describes seven types of curriculum operating in the schools 1 recommended curriculum proposed by scholars and professional organizations fre 2 written curriculum appears in school district division or country documents 3 taught curriculum what teachers implement or deliver in the classroom and.