Braces On Baby Teeth

Braces On Baby Teeth. The majority of baby teeth need to be removed before adult teeth can grow in but most dentists and orthodontists prefer to wait until the majority of baby teeth fall out before they can grow in It may be time to consider braces for your child if they have lost all but one or two of their baby teeth.

5 Signs Your Child Needs Braces Orthodontics And Dentistry For Kids
5 Signs Your Child Needs Braces Orthodontics And Dentistry For Kids from

The quick answer is yes you should be able to get braces with baby teeth but this really depends on your teeth condition There are a lot of situations when the baby teeth will have to be removed in order to accommodate the braces The first step is to receive a checkup from an orthodontist.

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No need to panic! When we put braces on we do not put brackets on the baby teeth allowing them to still fall out naturally Once the new adult tooth underneath erupts we will place a bracket on the tooth and bring it into alignment.

Can Your Child Get Braces Before the Baby Teeth Fall Out

Braces on Baby Teeth By first treating and assisting the baby teeth in the first phase correcting a young child’s permanent teeth and bite becomes much easier It is much easier to reposition a child’s teeth or adjust their jaw alignment while they are very young and their bones are still growing Once the permanent teeth have erupted this process becomes much more difficult.

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Your child can be ready for braces even at an early age of just seven if their teeth are crossed over one another have an extreme overbite or overcrowded However an initial orthodontic treatment plan might be costly There are also cases where your child might require braces twice in their life to protect their permanent teeth from damage 2 If All Your Child’s Baby Teeth Have Fallen Out.

5 Signs Your Child Needs Braces Orthodontics And Dentistry For Kids

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Baby teeth function just like permanent teeth with regard to tooth movement The rules for bonding braces using elastics and avoiding hard foods all apply for.