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Banana Drip. Where Can You Get One? Hospitals If you are experiencing severe complications from drinking such as alcohol poisoning you need to call 911 IV drip bars IV drip services are also an option for people seeking relief from less severe issues like a pesky At your home Finally you can access.

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When receiving a banana bag IV treatment you’ll get connected to a drip that’s administered intravenously You’ll be sitting comfortably while a medical professional inserts the IV into your arm The fluids will start flowing directly into your bloodstream for maximum effectiveness.


The banana bag contents replenish the body and replace lost vitamins minerals and electrolytes A banana bag works like any other drip IV that’s administered intravenously A medical professional inserts the IV into your arm and the fluid—a carefully calibrated mix of electrolytes and vitamins—goes into the bloodstream for maximum effectiveness.

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A banana bag infusion works like any other intravenous drip treatment With Lone Star IV Medics one of our trained medical professionals will administer your IV The professional will insert a needle into your arm and connect it to a tube to your drip bag that contains a specific formulation of vitamins and electrolytes.

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Banana biological boost contains macro and essential micro nutrients Application of Banana biological boost improves physical properties of the soil and also imparts disease resistance in banana Corrects the yellowing of leavesreduced leaf sizetip bending in unopened leaf and hanging down of leaves.